luxury silk & basics as classic as they are timeless

The Mantra

Never settle for less than the best: invest in timeless, classic luxury and quality. ByJGK resonates with like-minded women who appreciate & love quality and beauty.  We create timeless, classic pieces that stand the test of time. We define modern luxury.


ByJGK is a multi-disciplinary brand at the intersection of fashion, utility, and design. Established in 2020 , the Bulgarian-born & Berlin-inspired label is based in both Sofia and Berlin. ByJGK operates as an in-house design collective built on three pillars: timeless, classic, and luxury.


Timeless style is an elevated classic that ceases to go out out of style, or look dated.  It consists of luxury basics, sophisticated centerpieces and streamlined outfits that avoid being identified by a particular fashion trend or fashion decade.

“Timeless is anything with a strong appeal of its own, a strong voice that breaks through the years passing or even centuries.” – Filep Motwary



Classic clothing is always in fashion, no matter whatever the current trends happen to be. The simplicity and crispness of classic clothing, their luxurious fabrication and simple cuts make our outfits extremely versatile and powerful. They can also be mixed with non-classic clothing to give it a more grounded or eccentric look.



Luxury should not be confused with opulence. Rich, isn’t necessarily luxury. Luxury involves exclusiveness, nearly uniqueness, and not because it is addressed to few people: because it’s special instead.

  • Craftsmanship is luxury. A product is luxe when it is handmade, tailored for few. Luxury, meaning exclusiveness.
  • Luxury is purity and class. Yes, because luxury, as such, has to be sophisticated; it cannot be translated into something vulgar.
  • Luxury is research & discovery; the chance to experience new routes and find unpredictable or prevoiusly unseen solutions. Experimentations in both quality and style, are luxury. And it’s a fortune finding them, and being able to have them.


The Founders

Jacqueline Gotcheva-Keil


Everything is architecture

Steve Keil


Aziz, light!
Leo. Dog Model & Muse



Dog model. He's so hot right now.