hand sewn, luxury fabric

ByJGK silk

We believe our silk is, quite literally, the best silk in the world. Sourced directly in Italy from one of the oldest Italian silk manufacturing families, our silk is hand made by artisans. Most silk is now almost entirely made in China, and merely “finished” in Italy – yet still allowed to be labeled “made in Italy” by EU and global laws. ByJGK will never be “most silk.” ByJGK silk is 100% dyed, warped, woven, and finished in Italy by one of the most famous silk families in the world. It’s quality you can touch. It’s luxury that lasts. Timeless, quality, luxury defines us, and our small-batch artisianal production.

  • To learn about our world-class sustainability and commitment to the environment, please read here.

(our silk)

ByJGK Jersey

It’s easy to produce cotton, polyester, or blended fabrics for form-fitting outfits. ByJGK jersey isn’t easy. We sourced the best jersey from Italy, infused not with synthetics for elastine – but with raw organic silk. ByJGK jersey embodies our values of small-batch luxurious quality. Our designs are timeless. The result is the highest quality luxury jersey clothing you can find, and the luxury you deserve.

(our jersey)

A Positive Force

We feel our best when embracing principles that are both beneficial and sustainable for our society and planet. ByJGK is sustainable quality, craft, and production.

Small Batch Dying

Our artisans dye in small batches, specifically silk skeins, providing precise control of the desired color. Every dye lot is meticulously inspected and cataloged. No large production runs, no waste.

Artisanal Warp Preparation

After the skeins are dyed they are transferred to cones and are aligned on a machine that will create the warp. The set of lengthwise yarns that is the foundation of the fabric.

Traditional Weaving

Our classic shuttle looms allow us to create timeless luxury fabrics using practices & craft originally developed over a hundred and twenty years ago. Thick, luxurious, and high-quality.

Obsessive Quality Control

After our fabrics have passed a visual and mechanical inspection, they do not require any additional treatments, except for a simple dry cleaning. Our fabric rolls are then carefully wrapped in preparation for cutting and sewing to our designs.

Commitment To Quality

You never truly own a classic. You preserve it for your kids. You wear it throughout your future, keep it across changing fashion cycles.  You are secure in knowing you have a piece that withstands the test of time, both in style and integrity. Quality in it’s design, quality in it’s structure.

  • I try as much as possible to give you an amazing timeless, elegant classic. What comes out, I feel, is truly amazing. You have to feel and wear our pieces to experience it.
  • We live in an era of globalization, bombarded by rapidly changing mainstream tendancies – which ultimately lead many of us to the realisation that hidden, tiny slivers of timeless luxary are the most precious. We concurrently live in the era of consumerism, and we often feel at conflict with our disposable culture. We begin to shift our views and embrace craft again. We value timeless traditions and quality. Luxury, in it’s true sense, is all important again.
  • Doing collections; doing fashion, is like a non-stop dialogue. I don’t design for a particular person. I design for the feeling that – deep down – we all search for. Elegance that stands the test of time. Quality that ensures my clothes look amazing for the duration. In short: luxury basics.